Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased that our European project will come true. People from 8 different European countries are interested in playing together like children do.

We are also glad to inform you that we have chosen a venue for our summer academy for Psychodrama with children. Below you can find information regarding the venue and the program.

The Venue

It is a beautiful place on the beach of Iskar dam in Vitosha mountain, 42 kilometers from Sofia airport (it takes about 50 minutes for transportation).

Prices for accommodation

  • Single room around 40 euro per day per person (79 BG lev)
  • Double room around 40 euro per day, 20 euro per person

The price includes breakfast and dinner. Additional price for lunch: around 10 euro.

There is a beautiful hall with a view to the dam that we will use only for our group. A small forest for outside activities is also available.

The transport from the airport to the venue will be organized by the Local host and the price is 10 euro per person one way. In case you want to take a taxi, a company will be recommended and the price is around 35 euro per taxi.

You can find recent pictures on the place here:!AjQTmdFLht0KomaSBLyQ3NOzTBKK

Preliminary schedule for the summer academy

Monday, 21st of August, 2017

  • “Healing playfully” – Introduction in Psychodrama with children
  • “The treasure of the Pharaoh” – How to play with large groups/school classes

Tuesday, 22nd of August, 2017

  • “Animal Farm” – Group therapy with children

Wednesday, 23rd of August, 2017

  • “Animal Farm” part II – Group therapy with children

Thursday, 24th of August, 2017

  • “How to use a tiger” – Individual psychodrama therapy with children

Friday, 25th of August, 2017

  • “How to catch a fish?” – Psychodrama therapy with families

f you want to participate in summer academy you have to fill the registration form (attached file) and to send it to You will receive a confirmation for your registration. After payment of participant’s fee, you will receive final confirmation.


Please, keep in mind that the number of participants is limited to 25. Final confirmation will be made after transfer of participant’s fee. We will give you a contact with the hotel and you have to book your room and to clarify whether you are vegetarian and if you have any additional requirements for your room or meals.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask any further questions and to give us comments or feedbacks.

Best regards,

Stefan Flegelskamp & Milena Mutafchieva


We are happy to invite you to:

Summer academy for Psychodrama with children



On 10.10.2016 our center officially opened its door to work with clients!


This is our team. For us this is isn’t just work. Nothing happens by chance, our mutual love for children brought us together. Naturally, we love adults, too, and we certainly don’t hide it.

Excitement was felt thought the whole room, and despite the outside being so dark and cold, the inside was filled with smiling faces and the laugh of children.

We gave a short presentation, which introduced our guests with our services.
The crowd skillfully and adequately took part in part of the activities, which we gave as an example.
One of our tasks for measuring IQ, which is usually successfully completed by children up to 16 years old, actually gave our audience a hard time. However in the end, with collective effort and a lot of advice, along with 5 or 6 volunteers, we solved it.


There was also cake (naturally).
You could probably guess which of our guests were the most thrilled about it.


We met with friends and acquaintances, we saw our future clients (both big and small), we drank wine (as one does) and we had fun.

For the whole team this is a dream come true, and some of us have been carrying it around with us for many, many years.


Thank you to everybody who honored us!